7 Benefits of Massage Therapy

7 Benefits of Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is a treatment that is increasing in popularity and demand in Perth.

This kind of treatment involves hands on techniques that will increase your body’s circulation, provide relief from tension, reduce stress and anxiety, improve the quality of your sleep, as well as promote relaxation in your entire body. Your body is made of many areas of soft tissue, including muscles, tendons and connective tissue. If you are tense and need a release of this stress, or if you have an injury with music or nerve tissue damage, then massage therapy may be hugely beneficial. Some benefits of this treatment are explained below.

1. It is relaxing!

If you body is put under stress and tension, it will produce high levels of the stress hormone cortisol. This hormone is responsible for many negative side affects including weight gain, lack of sleep, digestive issues and headaches. Regular massages has been proven to decrease the level of cortisol in your body. When levels of this hormone are low, your body goes into recovery mode, and as a result your body will produce long lasting feelings of relaxation, your mood will improve, and your stress levels will decrease.

3. It will reduce your level of stress!

The workplace in Perth can be stressful in these times of high pressure and tight schedules. Not only will regular massages help with high stress levels, but regular treatments over a long period of time will increase your energy levels, reduce overall pain, and increase overall emotional happiness.

3. It can assist lowering your blood pressure!

Long term studies have proven that regular massage therapy can assist reducing your body’s upper and lower number blood pressure figures. Furthermore, it’s proven to reduce cortisol hormone levels. Lower blood pressure will in turn lower the risk for major health issues such as heart attack, strokes, kidney related issues and many other possible ailments.

4. It helps your muscles relax!

Most sources of body pain can be reduced with targeted massage therapy, which is done via reduced muscles tenseness, improving flexibility, and giving your body an overall relaxed feeling. Massage treatments also helps with the circulation of blood to affected areas of the body, including injuries to muscles etc. This in turn provides those areas with oxygen and important nutrients, which then reduces stiffness and swelling, and increases it’s flexibility in that area. Regular massage therapy also encourages the production of endorphins (feel good pain killing hormones) which not only helps reduce overall body pain, but will increases your mental well being as well.

5. It helps improve circulation

There are many long term benefits to your health from regular massage treatments. Massages promotes better blood flow, bringing nutrient blood supplies to damaged, stiff and tense muscles and tissues in your body. As a result, these areas heal quickly and in turn promotes even better blood circulation, like a snowball effect! In additional, the twisting and squeezing hand movements of a massage also helps removes lactic acid from the muscle tissue in your body, and as a direct result it helps with the circulation of lymph fluid. Lymph fluid carries away metabolic waste from tissue away from your internal organs and muscles, and as a result your body will enjoy lower blood pressure and overall increased body functions.

6. It can help improve your bad posture

Many people in Perth experience pain in their neck, back and other muscles, although one of the primary causes of this pain is bad posture. Chronic back pain has soon become one of the top reasons for sick days, and an upcoming major cause of disability in Perth. The added strain of being overweight, having poor posture in the workplace, or overdoing repetitious strenuous activity can contribute to this kind of pain. Massage treatments can assist getting your back into proper alignment, and improving your posture can be one of massages therapies most beneficial aspects. Regular massages is proven to allow the body to relax and loose up muscle tissue that has been made tense and painful by bad posture. By doing this, the body can re-position itself naturally into a painless posture. It gives your joints better freedom of motion, which in turn means pressure points are relieved of tension.

7. It can strengthen your immune system

People who have high levels of stress are more susceptible to injury and illness. Combine this with lack of sleep and poor nutrition habits, your body’s immune system is the first thing to be impacted, and your body’s ability to protect itself from nasty infections and bacteria is reduced. Not only does it reduce stress, but massage increased your body’s cytotoxic capacity – this is activity level of your body’s “killer cells”. Regular massages keeps your immune system resilient and strong.

It’s clear that massage therapy can have a large range of benefits apart from just feeling great! Why not check out some of Bali Secret Beauty Spa’s range of massage therapies and discover the benefits for yourself? Located in the heart of Mount Lawley, Bali Secret Beauty Spa‘s focus is to deliver the ultimate experience of luxury and professional care through our massage therapies and beauty treatments.